Local Products

As in every French region, there is no lack of local products in Vienne, get seduced by the many specialties and recipes passed down from generation to generation:

Chabichou (Cheese), the legendary undisputed star of the region, the famous goats-cheese from Poitou has the characteristic shape of a small truncated cone. The thin skin, which was originally white, turns gradually blue-gray. With age, this darkens and brittle and can sometimes get covered with mildew yellow, blue or red stains. The inside of the cheese is white, firm but flexible. It becomes somewhat brittle with age, without losing its taste.

Le Broyé du Poitou

A delicious butter cake. According to tradition, it is not cut in slices but it is beaten to pieces with a a firm slap!

Le Farci Poitevin

Typical dish with vegetables of the Poitou (sorrel, cabbage, lettuce, chard, leeks, parsley, onion, ...) and possibly bacon. The recipes vary by region and production is so delicate that the tradition says that you need to fabric it three times before you succeed.

Macaroons from Montmorillon

The first traces of macaroons from Montmorillon we find when we go back to the seventeenth century, but it was not until the nineteenth century that the real adventure began ...

Le Tourteau Fromager

This cake with its round black crust and goats cheese is eaten as dessert, as an aperitif or as a light snack!

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The wines of Haut Poitou

It's official, the wines of Haut-Poitou have obtained the AOC quality label. The highlight after several years of hard work by the winemakers.

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